What to Expect When Heading Out With Baby for the First Time

When heading out with your bub for the first time it is going to take you a lot longer than you think so give yourself plenty of extra time. You could even pack the nappy bag the night before if you are heading out on an important outing or one with a time limit. Packing at night will give you a better chance of making it out on time. If possible, start your outings in a small, quiet way. Your newborn is easily overstimulated when exposed to bright lights, crowds, noise and different smells. Stressful outings like these can cause breast fed bubs to poo more so be prepared with extra nappies and outfits.

Taking bub out in the car for the first time can be difficult to handle on your own. It may be helpful to organise someone to go with you. Buckling bub into her car seat takes practise so in the beginning it may take you a little longer than you expect. Your bub will probably cry while you are doing it but don’t panic she is alright.

Getting yourself organised to go out for a walk with bub in a sling or stroller also requires practise. (Make sure you keep all the baby equipment instruction manuals in a handy spot). If you get the chance, it is a good idea to have a few practice runs of any equipment before bub arrives. Again expect bub to cry while you are strapping her in but she should stop when you get going.

What to pack in your newborn’s nappy bag

Try not to over pack or under-pack a nappy bag. You need certain essentials but you don’t want too much to carry around. There are many types of nappy bags and the one you choose will need to be one that is comfortable for you to carry and useful for how you intend to use it. Make sure it fits in or on your stroller. Some of the essentials to pack in it are:

  • Fresh nappies (how many will depend on how long you are going for)
  • Disposable bags for dirty nappies
  • Change mat
  • Natural soft baby wipes (preferably non or subtly perfumed)
  • Barrier cream
  • Change of outfit for baby
  • Cloth for wiping up spills and vomits/posits
  • Mobile with easy dial emergency numbers
  • Wallet or purse
  • Child Health Record Book (keep it protected from spills in a plastic zip lock bag)
  • Water bottle, snack and a new top for mum (for the unexpected baby vomits)

Article written by Jan Murray on behalf of Curash Babycare.

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